Truck Side Advertising – Isn’t It Time?

I want to talk about to things that are quite important to me.  There are love and one my personal inadequacies.  The thing is that I’m quite fond of love, I think that it’s a pretty all right deal.  However, I’m going to have to admit that my emotional baggage has built up walls that not even a shock and awe campaign could bring down.  But I do love.  And in fact I even love unconditionally. 

I have a truck.  It’s kind of a small truck, but I’m comfortable with myself so that’s okay.  I think that I love it.  I had a friend about a year ago ask me if I could have any car in the world what would I have.  And aside from pointing out that my friend and I have clearly ran out of things to discuss and should probably go our separate ways, my answer told me that I love my truck (obviously I said I would keep my truck).  The thing is that its pretty old, almost 10 years.  And it seems to attract trouble, it was broken into twice, keyed once and beat with an umbrella by my nephew once.  It has no stereo and kind of smells.  But when it comes down to it…I just love that thing. 

I’ll take my truck, new, old, fat, skinny, beat up or shiny.  But, I simply couldn’t take it with truck side advertising.  Even if someone offered me money, which would mean that my truck would start giving back a little, as opposed to sucking the money out me like a leach as it has been; I simply couldn’t handle it.  My truck is an individual that puts a smile on my face almost whenever I see it.  Truck side advertising would simply taint the one thing in my life that hasn’t been tarnished by the personal inadequacies (that’s actually not entirely true, I can feel myself becoming fond of this dog named Luca near my work).